How to get your brand visible on Google search result page

Google search result page

Your sales funnel should always include a conversion tool right? This is why you need to get your brand equipped to be visible to potential clients. Don’t just design a website without optimizing it to appear on the first list of Google search result pages.

During my conversation with Dr. Adeleye on the features he wants on his hospital website, then I asked him how do you intend to make this brand visible to everyone, especially people within the same city?

He has good visions and clarity, he mentioned his plans to integrate his website with other helpful tools that will make it easier for patients to get in touch with him. At this moment, the new branch was not yet Visible on Google search result pages, so no one could find this hospital by making a search on Google.

Azir Hospital on Google My business
Azir Hospital Appear 2nd on Keyword search for Hospital in Ketu

Yeah, 99% of the time, our first step to discovery is usually via google searches, where to find this, what is that, and lots more. People make searches, they find website links on Google search result pages, you have to find your way there. LOL, it’s that serious. Today, we have helped Azir Hospital Ketu appear easily on google by setting up Google My Business.

As a brand, your first step to awareness is getting up there on the Google search result page, especially for relevant keywords that your potential clients are searching for. Your website, social media pages, and even Google business page should be up on keyword search

Learn how to set up your Google My Business for your brand, and optimizing your website with relevant keywords for awareness and search visibility is our strength. Get in touch with us

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